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Newbie - - reggaetonx -

About Newbie

Previous Entry Newbie Oct. 20th, 2005 @ 08:43 pm Next Entry
Hey whats up
My name is Brittney, but you can call me Lady Leo. I'm 20 years old in Las Vegas. Going to school and work and enjoy reggaeton (even though i have no clue on what is being said, haha) One day I will change that.

Also I DJ for a radio station called Xradio.biz/lasvegas (feel free to visit sometimes). And just to warn ya I'm early in the morning (OUCH), but ya I play reggae/dancehall and of course reggaeton.

But ya if you know of any artist or groups that are interested in showcasing their material on my show, please let me know. Iight thanks and 1 luv!

Lady Leo
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